Our Aim

FAITH is an Erasmus+ project launched in 2021 to establish minimum standards for academic integrity in higher education institutions, prevent cheating behaviors among students, and support those affected by academic dishonesty. Through best practices, FAITH will develop policies, guidance materials, courses, workshops, and an interactive web portal to promote a culture of academic integrity and combat cheating in higher education institutions.




Project Result


FAITH Project

Project Results

Minimum standards for academic integrity policies

The FAITH project provides guidance and support for educational institutions in establishing minimum standards for academic integrity policies. This includes policies on plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic misconduct.

Guidance materials and training for students

The project offers a range of guidance materials and training programs aimed at educating students about the importance of academic integrity and preventing them from engaging in dishonest behavior. This includes online resources, training sessions.

Guidance materials and training for educators

The FAITH project also provides guidance and training for educators on how to promote and enforce academic integrity policies in the classroom. This includes resources for designing assignments and assessments that discourage cheating.