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In this section, you can find comprehensive information about the past activities carried out by the Faith Project and the upcoming events it plans to organize. The Faith Project has brought its community together through various events in previous periods. These activities include seminars, workshops, social assistance projects, and more. Our future plans focus on organizing larger-scale events and making a positive impact on different segments of society. While implementing these projects, we aim to meet the needs of our community and achieve positive changes. As Faith Project, we aspire to support people coming together, learning, growing, and showing solidarity through our events.

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What Is FAITH Project Events?

FAITH project organizes a wide range of events including conferences, seminars, webinars, and meetings to promote academic integrity and ethics in education. These events aim to bring together academics, researchers, educators, and students from different parts of Europe and beyond to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to academic integrity.

FAITH International Conference on Academic Integrity

Join us for the FAITH International Conference on Academic Integrity where experts from around the world will share their knowledge and best practices on promoting academic integrity. The conference will cover topics such as plagiarism detection, ethical research practices, and promoting integrity in academic institutions. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best and connect with fellow professionals.

FAITH Webinar Series on Academic Integrity

Attend our FAITH Webinar Series on Academic Integrity where we will dive deeper into specific topics related to academic integrity. Our expert speakers will provide practical guidance and share their experience on issues such as cheating prevention, academic misconduct reporting, and promoting ethical behavior. Register now and expand your knowledge on academic integrity.

FAITH Seminar on Promoting Integrity in Higher Education

Join our FAITH Seminar on Promoting Integrity in Higher Education where we will explore ways to foster a culture of academic integrity in academic institutions. Our panelists will share their experience and best practices on issues such as promoting ethical behavior, engaging students, and addressing academic misconduct. Register now and be part of the discussion.

FAITH Meeting for Academic Integrity Professionals

Connect with fellow academic integrity professionals at our FAITH Meeting for Academic Integrity Professionals. This is an opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and explore collaboration opportunities. The meeting will include sessions on developing effective policies, conducting investigations, and engaging stakeholders. Register now and join the community of academic integrity professionals.